Born in 2008. Created for nomads on their next journey to unseen places, with purpose or heading nowhere, on your own or with the like-minded. The finds and the feel: SUMMER STATE OF MIND. WATERCULT started its own journey with the intention to breathe life into this message. This has been the beginning of manufacturing bikinis, swimsuits and summerwear with love for details and handcrafted value. On the path to weightless styles and effortless simplicity with an open-minded view. Respecting references to the past and know-how of the present, to set up what remains unique as quality.


Curated for individualists and heroines looking for design with a soul, a longer-term focus and love to every detail. The swimwear colour palette is designed with the desire for wellbeing in mind. Exciting new print combinations inject thrilling silhouettes with a relaxed, soft boho touch. A positive connection back to nature with its wild flora and fauna is source of inspiration for exceptional prints. The discovery of its abundance for three-dimensional beauty is key driver. Forward to nature, to freedom, to peace, to comfort, to friendship. Escape into real life’s worth. Wanderlust away from the crowd is inspiration driver in times of restrictions. With this laid-back spirit in mind our styles discover new fabrics, new colour concepts, elements of authentic add-on aesthetics.


WATERCULT add the human touch to design and product valuing nature and textiles. Our selected designs inspire confidence in every woman who wears it and trusts in artisanal tradition. Our credentials: We prefer local sourcing whenever possible. We produce only what’s needed. We produce to last.