A family business based in the German South. A brand born in 2008. Fashion created for nomads on their next journey to unseen places and getaways, with purpose or heading nowhere, on our own or with the like-minded. The finds and the feel: SUMMER STATE OF MIND. We started our own journey with the intention to breathe life into this message. This has been the beginning of manufacturing bikinis, swimsuits and summerwear with handcrafted value to set up what remains unique in quality and design.


WATERCULT is the key player for inspiring a positive and open-minded summer lifestyle. On the spot around the globe. You find us in places like Berlin, Miami or Montréal, but we might also be available in your boutique next door.


Our styles are curated for individualists looking for design in love with the detail. Done by the people in our studio. Always inspired by an open-minded summer lifestyle. WATERCULT styles are made for free souls that move on.


We work considered and engaged. We rely on Europe. We prefer local sourcing and favor Italian fabrics. We know, that true reduction of the ecological footprint means decrease in consumption. We produce only what’s needed. We create products that are meant to be kept to last. We encourage people to do so – in a CONSCIOUS STATE OF MIND.