We advice hand washing (up to 30°C) with mild detergent or washing powder for delicate fabrics. You should not wait until the evening or the end of your holidays. Wash your swimwear after each use, even if you have not been in the water, as sunscreen, saltwater, sweat and chlorine can cause damage on the delicate fabric. Regularly washing keeps the swimwear´s shape.



Allow your swimsuit to dry in the shade, not in sunlight. Do not use a dryer or heater! Bright sunlight causes discolouring, so do not hang beachwear on a railing or on the top of your parasol. Shape and colour will last longer if you hang up your swimwear with a hanger in the shade.



Wet swimwear should not be kept in a plastic bag, roll it up into a towel instead. Generally we suggest to use a hanger for your bikinis and swimsuits instead of folding them. Humidity causes microorganisms, which cause damage to the elastic fabric. If stored correctly the cups will stay in shape longer as well.



The material of swimwear is similar to the material of tights. So always be careful. Avoid rough surfaces (e.g. rocks, pool edges) and frequent use of whirlpools, keep distance to the massage jets.


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